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The International Association of Correctional Food Service Professionals

Business Continuity: How to stay in business during planned and unplanned renovations, especially natural and man-made disasters.

April 11th, 2017 - 10:00am P.S.T. / 1:00pm E.S.T.
Cost: Free for ACFSA members; $49 for Non-Members
Webinar Free for members; $49 for Non-Members With a population of inmates and officers that must be fed on site, a correctional kitchen has few options when renovations are needed. A variety of interim solutions are available designed to keep your kitchen open and your population fed during any type of renovation, new construction or immediate need such as disaster response and recovery. These solutions offer what other methods cannot: accelerated project timelines, more economical pricing, and less disruption. The webinar will examine a variety of short and long-term solutions available for interim food preparation facilities, the features and benefits of each, planning guidelines, and project examples. Kitchens To Go provides mobile and modular commercial kitchens for lease or purchase. Short and long-term solutions to continue or expand operation during renovation, new construction, or immediate need such as disaster response. In addition to cooking capacity, cold and frozen storage, warewashing, dining space, restrooms, laundry, and office facilities are available. Federal Supply is sponsoring two 25.00 gift cards for prizes for people attending the webinar live.

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