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The ACFSA is an international professional association created to serve the needs and interests of foodservice personnel in the correctional environment. The association brings together highly-skilled foodservice workers who are interested in the common goal of providing nutritious, cost-efficient meal service for confined populations.

By joining ACFSA, you will keep up-to-date on trends in the industry through INSIDER magazine and other special mailings. At ACFSA conferences, you will sharpen your leadership and management skills, as well as gather practical information to put to use in your daily operations. ACFSA publications and conferences will also expose you to new ideas concerning foodservice equipment, food products, specialized services, cost management and many other topics that are important to you. You will meet other professionals in your field with whom you will be able to exchange information and experiences and build a network of contacts who can be called upon--a network that includes many of the top correctional food professionals throughout the United States, Canada and a growing number of other countries. You will also be supporting ACFSA's effort to strengthen and increase recognition of correctional foodservice personnel as professionals.

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News Items

Webinar: Medical Diets: A BOP Perspective
January 10th, 2017
Webinar Free for members; $49 for Non-Members

The panelists will discuss how the BOP handles medical and special diets as this is a growing issue that will have to be identified and dealt with a lot more in the future.

The 2017 Solutions 5 Conference
January 20th, 2017

American Correctional Association (ACA) Winter Conference
January 20th-25th, 2017

North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers 2017 Show
February 9th-11th, 2017

Pacific Northwest Chapter Meeting
February 15th, 2017

Annual International Conference
September 24-27, 2017

Fall 2016 Insider